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Understanding Consumers Through Social Listening: What, How & Why

Understanding Consumers Through Social Listening: What, How & Why

As the competition grows thicker, brands need to start addressing the needs of their audience; this is where social media listening tools come into play.

Developing a reputable brand and gaining excellent brand recognition involves understanding consumer feedback. These comments are helpful and can influence how well your marketing strategies perform.


Social listening has become an essential metric for brand strategy. This is because online discussions are becoming more and more common every day, and the influence of people’s comments can make or break a brand.

This article will discuss social listening, how it works, what social media listening tools are, and why it is crucial.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is understanding online conversations about your brand, products, or services. It is a form of reputation management that examines anything related to your product or service. This information will provide you with insight into the industry. It also provides valuable information about your competitors and your company.

Social listening draws information from blogs, forums, websites, or any platform accessible to the public. Analyzing your social listening activity will improve your experience.

How does it Work?

Traditional businesses have been practicing social listening for decades. It is usually done through surveys, direct customer conversations, or customer service teams. Some digital brands still practice the same. The difference is that now, it is easier to sweep through social media listening platforms with the help of social media listening tools.

What are Social Listening Tools?

The best social media listening tools help you view your references across the online world. This includes Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites. While it’s important to understand social listening, it’s even more essential to comprehend how it works.

Social media listening tools will provide us with continuous insights. These insights will help us improve our strategy and aid us in connecting with the right target audience.

Apart from that, social media listening tools track online conversations about your brand. It can also let you track conversations about your competitors. Marketers can analyze these mentions and incorporate future action.

The best social media listening tools in 2022 to help you be up to speed with the current trends. The following are the best social listening platforms for any business!

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Why Is Social Listening Important?

You might still be unsure about the necessity of using social media listening tools, so here are some reasons why it’s crucial:

Positive Customer Relationship

Customers like it when brands listen and respond. A Sprout Social study stated that 46% of consumers recognize brands that communicate online are the best in the industry.

Analyzing customers’ feedback will help us to understand their sentiment towards your brand. You may also be able to identify your brand in contrast to your competitors and help you decide if any action is needed to improve your brand image.

Measure Campaign Impact

It is necessary to check marketing campaigns to determine their return on investment. Social listening measures the degree of brand awareness. It also deals with the number of mentions after a marketing campaign. It will provide information about your consumers’ impressions of the brand campaign.

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Allows you to Develop Your Product

Social listening helps you learn what customers think of your products. After that, you can note positive and negative comments to find any areas that need work. Your research and development team can use this to concentrate on many things such as urgent demands and possible problems. This will address your audience’s suggestions for a much improved product.

Competitive Play

For any business, gaining and keeping a competitive advantage is essential. You must be aware of what your rivals are doing and what the public thinks of them to do this.

Developing your product is inescapable when you do social listening. Because social listening in itself is a strategy. You will be more confident in managing your release dates, rates, or prices and making your product or service more appealing.

Maintain Innovation

Growing markets change as a matter of course. Keeping track of the trends is always in the best interests of brands.

Consider that you operate a significant chain of retail clothing stores, such as H&M. Being aware that using sustainable materials is the current social movement. The purpose being is to remedy existing environmental issues. As the industry adapts, you will have to refashion your supply chain. With this, you can accommodate brands whose audiences resonate with the cause.

With the proper social media listening tool, you won’t need to wait for changes to become clear before taking action. Best of all, you won’t be behind schedule.


Social media holds many opportunities for your brand to reach greater heights. Utilizing social media listening tools can enable your team to decide on your company’s best course of action. It lets you learn what content your followers enjoy. This is by viewing their posts, shares, hashtags, and photos.

Social media listening will enable you to create relevant content to their tastes using the right strategies. Thus, you will be able to let them experience your product or service the best possible way.

Now that you know as to the answer on “What are social media listening tools?”, then start monitoring your mentions. Contact KMS and schedule a FREE Brand Health Check!